Why Smart Spring Sellers
…Start in Autumn

Lately, we’ve had some of our clients come to us wanting to put their Fairfield County homes on the market in Spring 2017. Even if you are planning to wait until the warmer months to showcase your home to potential buyers, there is plenty to do right now! Our agents have weighed in on the easiest and most necessary steps to take to ready your home for the Spring market.

Point, Shoot and Click…Now!!

Front 3 225 Rock House Road Easton CTAs the fall market comes in to full swing, we revel in the warm colors, smells and tastes of the season. When it comes to real estate, this can be the prettiest time of year for curb appeal. Let us not forget what our yards will look like in just 1-2 months. If you are considering selling in this fall market, get your photographer on the job today. If you are considering selling in the spring, remember what your grounds can look like after a long winter. Gather photos of your yard in full bloom, take shots now while we are still lush and green and ready yourself to market your home in the best (and most season-appropriate) light! (All homes with pools should have multiple photos of the pool open and in season)

Seed in the Fall, Sold in the Spring

BriannaBest FrontTake advantage of great early Fall weather and get your lawn off to a great start in 2017. Seeding and fertilizing your lawn during this crucial time (Now!) can help it recover from Summer stress, fill in thin spots, and develop a strong root system for Spring. The cooler temperatures combined with more dew and rain make Fall the best time to plant your grass seed. seeding tip: Keep the ground moist until the new grass is 2″ tall Plus, win the weed war! Strengthening your lawn now will help your root system fight weeds for vital nutrients come Springtime.

Some lawn stats:

  • According to a Michigan State University study, good landscaping in general can increase a home’s value by anywhere from 5-11%.
  • Overseeding with grass seed and fertilizer in the fall can make your lawn up to 49% thicker next Spring – Scotts 2008-2009 Field Trials
  • TruGreen’s new Lawn Lifestyles National Survey of America: The majority of homeowners (79 percent) reported “having a healthy, green lawn contributes to the overall value of a home”; and homeowners (56 percent) said “when buying a home, a good lawn would warrant a higher price.” In fact, more than half of Americans surveyed (53 percent) said “the quality of the homeowner’s lawn can tell you a lot about the quality of the home overall.

Declutter, de-stress!

bedroom (2)A clean, empty basement and garage are two parts of the house that make one of the biggest impressions on buyers and adds value.. The fact that the sellers are neat leads the buyer to assume that the sellers have carefully maintained their home. If a buyer can see the walls and the floors, he or she won’t have any doubts that there are hidden problems. We all know how hard it is to keep the clutter out of our house so an organized and freshly epoxy painted garage and basement will increase your net profit and may reduce your market time. Believe it or not, a clean basement and garage really has the wow factor!

De-cluttering your home is hard work and takes time. There are different ways to tackle the project. You can set a time period and do it over weekends or do a certain amount of work each day and get it finished quickly.If you can do it in stages rather than attacking it in one day, it will be much less overwhelming. There are so many wonderful organizations that will be thrilled to receive your old clothes, furniture, household goods, stuffed animals and even old eyeglasses. Below is a list of websites that will give you contact information for some of these organizations. Knowing that your old suits or toys will be put to good use can make it easier to part with them.

There are many local organizations that will be grateful for your donations. You can call local homeless shelters, churches and schools that may need sports equipment, books and school supplies. I have also included a list of national organizations that may be located close to you or you could mail your used goods to them. There is a site called Donation Town that can tell you which local charities will pick up your donations. Any way you choose to donate your used furniture, clothing, sports equipment, musical instrumentsor other items listed below, you will know that they will be gratefully accepted and make a difference in the life of the recipient.

Call us for our Full List of organizations. No matter what you’re trying to get rid of, the organizations on this list will ensure it gets a good home with someone in need!

Hone in on your Hardwood!

06NaturalFall is the perfect time to refinish those hardwood floors before you enter the Spring market! A smooth, finished floor surface can make a night-and-day difference in a buyer’s first impression of a home. Similar to a clean & organized home, gleaming hardwood floors give the impression of a home that has been meticulously maintained, and a pride in ownership. According to About.com:

[Refinishing hardwood floors] involves sanding down the surface past any finish or blemishes, and then re-applying color treatments and seal. The finished product will look like a completely new hardwood floor, and can be achieved for a fraction of the price of a new installation.The Average Price To Refinish Hardwood Floors is from $1.50 per sq ft – $5.00 per sq ft.”

Not to mention, if you complete the job now, you will end up with the perfect time span between now and Spring to enjoy & get some use out of your new floors without noticeably wearing them down.

Please contact us if you need any recommendations for contractors or service professionals, we are always happy to help!


No one will be a better partner during the preparation process than your Listing Agent! Set up a pre-market consultation with us (no obligation, of course!), and learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals in 2017. On the flip side, selling one home usually means buying (or renting) another. Our Buyer Specialist and Rental/Vacation Home Specialist are happy to guide you through this process as well. One-stop shopping for a smooth move! 203.259.7653

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